Robin Bury Blog – Tuesday 12 March 2013 – Commonwealth Day

Mary Kenny 11 March 2013Yesterday was Commonwealth Day which was celebrated in fifty-four countries around the world, thirty-two of these nations being republics. In Rome, the British Ambassador at the Holy See gave a formal dinner for the Cardinals from Commonwealth countries. The Irish representative was Cardinal Brady and he was given the opportunity of talking to Cardinals from other Commonwealth countries. Apparently the dinner was very successful and gave an opportunity for English-speaking Commonwealth Cardinals to get to know one another. Although we are not in the Commonwealth, Cardinal Brady was included, presumably because his See is in Armagh.

In Dublin, the Reform Group held a Commonwealth Day reception in the Royal Irish Academy which was addressed by Mary Kenny and Bruce Arnold … the talks to appear on the Reform website at The event was well attended. The Ambassador of Nigeria, His Excellency Felix Pwol, and representatives from the South African and Kenyan embassies were present. The theme of Commonwealth Day this year is ‛Opportunity through Enterprise – Unlocking potential with innovation and excellence’. This is apt in an Irish context, though unfortunately we cannot avail of the programmes as we are no longer in the Commonwealth.

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